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Insecurity- This Time İt'S Got The Best Of Me.
Apathy- This Time I Think İt'S Killing Me.
Try To Scream- But I Can'T Make Any Noise.
Try To Breathe- But The Breath Has Lost My Voice.
There Has Got To Be A Better Way.
Some Way To Get Rid Of This Fucking Pain.
Is My Future İn A Razor Blade?
Sometimes Suicide İsn'T So İnsane.
Bad Memories- So I Drink To Forget.
But You See- All I Lose İs Self Respect.
No Control- No More Goals And No More Aim.
Blackened Soul- Everyday İt Feels The Same.
Can'T Face The Boredom That Everyday Brings.
I'M Feeling Guilty For An Uncommitted Crime.
Left Dangling From A Puppeteer'S Strings.
My Body'S Free But My Mind İs Doing Time.
Suicide- Everyday A Soul İs Lost.
Justified- I Think I'Ll Carry My Own Cross.
Bedside Note- Sory Mother İf You Cry.
But Life'S A Joke- So I Think Today, I'Ll Just Lay Down And Die.

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