A Beginnings End / Lab Rat Şarkı Sözü

Albüm : Here We Are

No Open Arms Just An Open Mouth
İ Guess İm Supposed To Prove Myself
You'Ve Been Here And There And İ Don'T Care
But With Any Response İ Draw A Stare
Not Gonna Feel Like Your Lab Rat
İn A Rut Again, They'Ll Offer You Twenty
When They Know You Cant Payback Ten
Subtract The İnterest From Your Worth
They Cuffed You To Your Job At Birth
Not Gonna Feel Like Your Lab Rat
İm Sick Of This Tease And Flirt
Sick Of Boring Snobs İn Skirts
Time To Hit The Bricks And Have A Laugh
So Don'T Show Unless Youve Got Some Class
İm Not Gonna Feel Like Your Lab Rat

≫≫ On The Clock

Buzzing Blaring Through My Skull
The Sun İs Up But İ Can'T Tell
Sneak The Covers Down My Nose
Eyes Are Sore Gotta Keep 'Em Closed
Call İn, No İ'Ve Gotta Go
İts Quarter Past The Buzz Was Slow
On The Clock
Down Vacant Walks İ Trudge And Stumble
Can Collector Catch Me Mumble
This Stupid Job Won'T Pay İt'S Dues
Gotta Cuff Their Stuff For Gain
Cause Minimum Wage İsn'T Much To Lose
Bussing Blaring Through Your Skull
The Turnover Rat İs High İn Hell
Pass The Torch Back And Forth
Sorry Mom, But İ Quit That Job

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