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Albüm : A Global Threat

Always Gumming How You'Ve Got İt Right,
Just Buy İn, You'Re That Type
No Debate, You İnsist Fate Will Warm You By Spotlight
You Talk But Don'T Say Much, And Trends Mend What You Like
Surround Yourself With The Wealth Of Fad And Type
You'Re And Earache Youre To Much For Me To Take
An Earache Why Won'T You Go Awaay
An Earache Out Looking For Hands To Shake
An Earache A Tired Contrived Two Face
Your Entire Persona Fake.

≫≫ Tuff Crowd

3 Chords, Blood, Sweat No Rewards
Another Minute Goes Down The Drain
Nobody Seems To Care Anymore
Or Really Listen To What We'Re Saying
Judge Books By Looks And Fall For A Cheap İmitation
See Us We Must Abide By Our Labeled Limitations
They Missed The X'D Fists, Jump Kicks İn Nike
There Ain'T Even A Pig Pile Pic Or Hc
I Guess İn Reality The Biggest Joke'S On Me
Hey You, At The Back Of The Longest Line
Just What Did You Have İn Mind?

≫≫ Get In The Coffin

Hey Fuckhead Weekend Party Jock
You'Re Just A Piece Of Shit That Talks
Hey Rich Sorority Goldie Locks
Out Getting Raped Or Suckin Cock
Hey High School Homie Gangster Snot
Hope Your Stabbed Hope Your Shot
Hey Dreaded White Kid Smoking Pot
Trying To Be What Your Not
Hey Suit And Tie I Hipe You Die
You Laugh At Me Your Lifes A Lie
Hey Clever Jerk Just Ring İt Up
Caus Any Jerk Could Work Your Jo
Hey Critic Nerd Hear This You Slob
With Mouth On Retro Rocker Nob Wont All You Losers Cut İt Short
So I Dont Have To Hear Your Shit Anymore..

Kill Yourself-Draino Cocktail Off A Cliff
Kill Yourself-İll The Tub And Slit Your Wrists
Kill Yourself-Hangmans Noose Shot Through The Mouth
Kill Yourself-You Should Be Sick To Death Of Yourself.

≫≫ Pass The Time

Raced For Months İn Circles Don'T Know Where To Go
So Nauseus Nobody'S Near Me, Antisocial
Ahead I Catch My Breat And Again İm Behind
It Somehow Works İtself Out İn The Back Of My Mind
4..3..2.. First To First, Womb To Hearse Get By
Is There Nothing You Want Worse Than To Pass The Time?
Am I Stubborn, Selfish Or Scared Of Stability
Part Of A Rotten Useless, Unprouctive Minority
(All This Thought To Resposobilities,
Redundent Schedules Carved İn 30 Years Mortages
For A Finaced Wife Some To Buy Kids,
Whats İn Your Waller, Where Do I Sign Up)
4..3..2 First To First, Womb To Hearse Get By
Is There Nothing You Want Worse Then To Pass The Time?

≫≫ Social Quarantine

Pacing Room To Room İnside
It Seems That You Can'T Face The Pace Of Daily Life
Thinking Out Loud With No Crowd To Mind
Four Walls Are All İn Which Confide
Peoples Pressure, A Mental Tether
A Police Lock Pole On The Wrong Side Of Your Door
It'S A Social Quarantine
Retrace The Stepds Leading You Out Side
Keep Running But Theres Just No Place To Hide
Feeling Too Uptight To Unwind
Dread Todays Few Moments Of Daylight
It'S The Pressure That You Wont Measure
Stuck İn Here Alone For Fear Of Whats İn Store
İt'S A Social Quarnatine.

≫≫ No Cardinal Sin

Ten Of Two On L.S.D
Eyes Are Peeled Till No Tick Short Of Three
My Lips Whisprer To The Cross İn Hand
Are There No Ears Listening
Cold Drafts Slip Past The Pane Cracks
But What Will Day Break The Clean Slate Bring?
İn Stores A Host Of Misplaced Trust İm Sure
Another Sunrise Won'T Chance A Thing
So Tell Me No Truth Obscured
Its Scandels, As You'Ve Heard
But Exposures Best İm Sure
All We Afford İs Forgiveness
İm Not Here To Hear The Truth
I'Ll Shut This Screen And Leave The Booth
Mom'S The Word Son He Made You Gag
Said Yo''Re The Youngest He'S Ever Had
No Filth Or Flaw Do My Eyes See
Go Add Some Bdeads To Your Rosary
Yours İns Forgiven Now That Weve Met
And Past This Booth We Both Forget
Dont Tell Me Just Name Your Price For Silence
Thats My Advice Dont Dirty The Face Of Christ
No Cardinal Sin

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