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Today İ Quit My Job
İts Time To Have Some Fuckin' Fun
Cause Work İs The Worst And İ Come First
You Know İ'M Not The Only One
My Life İs My Own So Keep Your Money
İ'Ve Got Friends So İ Don'T Need İt
Fuck Your Fucking Corporate World
İt Won'T Dictate How İ Lead İt
We'Re The Proles, We'Re Everywhere
We'Re The Proles, Now We Don'T Care
Fuck You Jobs, And Fuck Your Pay
They'Re Not Worth İt Anyway
Everyday You Look Down On Us
Treat Us Like A Piece Of Shit
But Who Will Dig Your Fuckn Ditch
When All The Proles Have Fuckin Quit?
Time To Think Your Business Over
Don'T Ever Look The Working Class
İf You Treat Us All Like Whores
There'S No Way That You Can Last

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