Abigor / Nachthymnen Şarkı Sözü

1. Unleashed Axe-Age

[This Vision Should Not Be Seen As A Part Of The Upcoming Viking Trend]

Ancient!... We İnvoke
The Polarities Are United As One
We Are United As One
By Oaths Once Sworn - By Blood
The Powers Of Darkness Are Unleashed
Fire Of Surt Engulfes The World
Fenrir Unbound...
Midgard Drowned By The Sea - Let Naglfar Be Launched...
The Chains Of Fenrir Are Rent Asunder
And The Wolf Shall Course About...
An Axe-Age, A Sword-Age...
Come Forth To Receive The Mark Of Fate
And Prepare Yourself For Battle
The Sun Shall Darken
Vapour And Fire Shall Rage Together
Till The Leaping Flame Licks Heaven İtself...
That The Earth Will Be Renewed İn Splendour
And Surt Shall Endure, As Baldur Endures...
...For The Powers Of Darkness Are Eternal
The Twilight As Come
The Dawn Breaks İn The East
The World İs Alive
Loki Lives Upon The Earth
It İs Done...
The Fire Engulfs The Earth
Fenrir İs Free - The Stars Are Falling

2. Scars In The Landscape Of God

I'M The One Behind The Shadows
Tyrant Of Damnation
Believer İn War
I Will Build The Bridge Of Hate
To Walk On Pagan Ways
In The Light Of The Moon
...Hate İn My Heart
I Wander Through Fire
To The Valley Of The Shadow
I Summon My İnner Self To Strengthen My Final Will
I Will Destroy The Promised Land Of God
To Set The Mighty Flame
Flame - Thou Of Wisdom The Greatest
And To Rise The Hidden Words
The Words Of Ancient Knowledge
The Scars İn The Wind
Guide My Path To The Dark
Into My Cold Frozen Reality
...This İs The Dawn Of The Final War
The Victory İs Written İn My Flesh
I Laugh As My Enemies Fall
And The Sun Will Retire
Into The Darkness Of The Night

3. Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons

I Enter The Gates
Into The Realm Where Nothing Dies
But I'M Still So Cold İnside
By Visions Past And Gone
Till The End Of Time
I Will Eternally Dwell
Im Dunkelsten Der Stürme
Falle Zusammen Die Kerkerwand
Die Mich Schier Endlos Band
Und Herrlicher Und Freier Walle
Meine Seele İns Unbekannte Land
In The Darkest Of Storms
May Crumble The Dungeonwall
That Bound Me Almost Endlessly
And Delightful And Free May Pilgrimage
My Soul İnto The Unknown Land
I Fly With The Raven
Through Timeless Spheres Of Frost...
Through Wasted Lands Of Dreams
Geflohen Vor Der Wirklichkeit - Vor Ewigkeiten
Und Jenseits Der Schwärze Erstreckt Sich
Ein Unendliches Meer Aus Grau...
Ein Meer Aus Gestaltloser Leere
Doch Die Qualen Und Der Schmerz Verbleiben
Als Erinnerungen An Die Vergangene Zeit
Stolz Und Doch Verzweifelt...
Und İn Meinem Innersten Hoffe İch
Daß Mein Leben Nur Ein Traum İst...
Fled From Reality - For Eternities
And On The Other Side Of The Blackness
An Endless Sea Of Greyness Extends...
A Sea Of Formless Emptiness
Yet The Misery And The Pain Remain
As Memories Of Passed Time
Proud Yet Desperate...
And Deep İnside I Hope
That My Life İs Just A Dream...
The Moon İs My Blanket
In This Cold Domain
So Ancient - So Cold...
As A Nightmare Creature I Crawl
Awakened From My Sleep
To Forever Be...
Bei Den Drei Monden Durch Mittwinters Tore
By The Three Moons Through Midwinter'S Gates
I'M A Shadow On Haunted Ground
Laughing İn Sorrow
Crying İn Lust
The Storm İs Calming And Death İs Rising
Evil - As Pure As Night
Proud - Full Of Sin
Once Again I'Ll Rise...
To Survive Eternity...

4. Dornen

Wartend Auf Einen Schmerzlosen Tod -
Die Flammen Der Hölle Sind Nichts
Verglichen Mit Diesem Leben,
Voll Von Wundenleckendem Licht,
Umgeben Von Grausamkeiten Names Menschen -
Keinen Tropfen Blut Wert.
Meine Seele Entschwand Dieser Welt
Vor Langer Zeit,
Aber Der İmmerwährende Haß Band Meinen Körper
An Diese Dimension.
Ich Wandere Rastlos Und Leer,
Auf Der Suche Nach Erlösung Und Harmonie,
Wissend, Daß Diese Suche Sinnlos İst, Endlos.
Jemand Hatte Die Macht -
Und Raubte Mir Die Letzte Hoffnung,
Den Mut Diesen Schmerz Zu Beenden, Mein Leben.
Mein Wunsch Könnte Erfüllt Werden -
Hinwegschwinden, Sanft Und Sicher,
Auf Winterflügeln İn Die Letzte
Und Ewige Dunkelheit,
In Der Eiswinde Durch Mein Haar Streifen.

Waiting For A Painless Death -
The Flames Of Hell Are Nothing
Compared To This Life,
Full Of Woundlicking Light,
Surrounded By Atrocities Called Humans -
Not Worth A Drop Of Blood.
My Soul Left This World
A Long Time Ago,
But The Everlasting Hate Bound My Body
To This Dimension.
I Wander Restless And Empty,
Seeking Deliverance And Harmony,
Knowing That This Search Has No Use, Endless.
Someone Had The Power -
And Robbed The Last Hope From Me,
The Courage To End This Misery, My Life.
My Wish Could Be Fulfilled -
Fade Away, Softly And Certain,
On Winterwings İn The Last
And Eternal Darkness,
In The İcewind Blow Through My Hair.

5. As Astral Images Darken Reality

Kometen Sind Brennende Seelen,
Die Zur Strafe Durch Den Kosmos Ziehen Müßen.
Comets Are Burning Souls,
That Have To Travel Through The Cosmos For Punishment.
Nothing Disturbs This Transcendental Harmony
The Only Light That Breaks Up Darkness
Are The Burning Red Stars
Cosmic Winds Bear A Waft
Of A Gigantic Psychic Force
That The Nineth Dimension
(Colossal Deep Universe) Holds
And Opens For Me
Desolation İn Purest Shape
Neither Melodies Nor Cries
Resound İn This Cold Silence
Nevertheless I Feel The Endless Echo Of Melancholy
No Mountain, No Tree, No Lake
But An Endless Wasteland Of Stones And İce
Forms This Realm Where No King Was Ever Born
Because No Life Exists Which Can Be Ruled
Here İs The Destination Of My Astral Journey
The Only Place Where I Find Peace
So I Leave The World Behind
And Replace Earthbound Grey
To İnterstellar Black
I Leave The World Behind !

6. The Dark Kiss

[By Jfn 1995]

Buried Beneath Forgotten Cryptic Stones
Enshrined İn Silence, Embraced By Darkness
Belonging To The Hidden Ancient Race
Am I Still Dead But Dreaming
Awaiting My Time Of Resurrection
Reminisce Of A Day Long Ago İn Past
When I Was Blessed With The Dark Kiss
The Gift Which İmmortalized Me Once
Oh... I Do Remember The Taste Of Hot Blood
Which Was Running Upon My White Face
To Moisten My Dry Lips
With A Burning Kiss Of Mortality
...A Burning Kiss Of Mortality
My Eyes Are Blazing Red İn The Night
Leather Wings Adorn My Huge Back
My Fangs Are Sharp As Frozen Steel
Prepared To Caress Thy Beloved Neck
I Rise From The Tombworld, Folding Out My Wings
Flying Up High Through The Nocturnal Sky
Looking For Cretures Who Are Worthy
To Get The Dark Kiss
And To Satisfy My Hunger For Blood
During This Night
I Do Feel Again The Taste Of Hot Blood
My Fangs Are Mutilating Thy Sweet Flesh
It'S The Painful Bite Of The Dark Kiss
Vampires Kiss... Blut İst Leben
... The Blood İs The Life

7. I Face The Eternal Winter

Flying Silent On Winter Wings
Flowing Emotions From My Bleeding Soul
Tears That Flow Burn My Skin
I'M Drifting Away On The Cold Wave Of Desolation
I'M Touching The Wind As İt Sadly Sings
Carried To The Disant Unknown
Eternity Awaits Me...
My Heart İs So Cold
Emotions Reached Their Freezing Point
...Only Pure Hate
Lost All That I Was Living For
Crying Without Sound
Thy Sky Has Frozen To İce
As The Last Drops Of Blood Leave My Body
I Hear The Winter Breath
I'M The Face Of The Night
I'M All Alone
The Fullmoon İs Glowing
Snow Falls From The Sky
I Feel The Eternal Winter
Holocaust Winds Are Rising
Like A Dark Northern Breeze
My Cryptic Journey Has Just Begun

8. Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon

...And So My Mind İs Calm
Ready For The Darkest Eons
Candlelight Caresses My Eyes
Incense Smoke Displaces Soiled Air
This Trip İs Part Of An Endless Journey
I'M Satan And Satan İs Me
Finding Myself Through This Experience
Wash Away All That Ever Was...
My Life İs A Funeral Ceremony
As I March Through The Mortals' Graves
I Obey Deepest İnner İnstincts
And Gain The Endless Power Of Darkness
To Place The Seed Of Evil
Right İn The Heart Of The Earth
...And All Ancient Power Manifests As Shadows
Which Darken Not Only My Heart And Soul
But The Holy Light Of All That Dare To Stand
Against The Forces Of The Black Flame
In Der Nacht Als Der Mond Tausend Gesichter Hatte
Offenbarte Sich Mir Das Geheimnis
Und Anstatt Der Haut İn Der Menschen Gesichter
Sah İch Nur Dunkles Spinnennetzgeflecht
In The Night When The Moon Had A Thousand Faces
The Secret Was Revealed To Me
And İnstead Of The Skin İn The Human Faces
I Saw Only Dark Spiderwebs

9. A Frozen Soul In A Wintershadow

Wolves Are Howling To Honour The Moon
My Heart Belongs To The Past
I Feel Attraction For The Night
My Mind To The Ancient Times
I Wander Through The Fields Where Blood Was Split
Awaiting The Reign Of The Dark And The Cold
I Can Feel The Creatures Of The Night
My Dreams Are No İllusions
So I Travel Between These Worlds
My Soul İs Frozen - Evil Rules My Mind
Able To Face The Eternal Night
Why Am I Born İnto This World
...Soon I Will Leave
Into The Sleep Of Death - Never To Return
My Life İs Just A Darkened Silent Barricade
Between All I Ever Wanted To Be
I Will Enter The Other Side
To Fly On The Wings Of Death
To Ride With The Wind To The Ancient Times
To Fade Away To A Blackened Spiral - To See Eternity
To Be A Wintershadow Out Of Time

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