Acid Drinkers / Nagasaki Baby Şarkı Sözü

Her Eyes See A Splintered Sky And The Sun'S Forgotten Them
Her Face İs A Fresh Wound, Honestly İt'S Smashed
It'S Strange That She Breathes, My Sweet, Little Dead Body
Oh No, She'S Not Dyin', She'S Not Burned Completely.
You Hide Between The Walls Your İdiotic Smile
And I Could Lie To You, That There'S Something İn You
You Don'T Want To Show Your Ashen-Gray Hands
I Won'T Tell You This, But To Who Will You Give Them?!
And She Never Laughs, My Burned Little Cat
And She Never Cries, She'S Lost Her Tears
This Overdose Of Pain İs İmpossible To Get
I See The Traces Of The Flames On Her Thin Back!
I Don'T Wanna Look At Your Hands
I Feel Awful When You Splutter, I Am Yours
I Feel Fear, When I Gotta Cuddle You
Even Though I Know You Are Mine, Mine!

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