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Learn To Seperate Your Jaw
When You Find Things Are Hard To Swallow.

The Wolves Are Closing İn.
I'Ve Got A Head Full Of Pills,
And My Hands Are Shaking,
I Need To She'D This Winter Skin.
It'S A Fall From Grace
I Think We All Should Take.

If You'Re Careful With The Flame
You Could Save Yourself
Quite A Bit Of Pain.
And İf You'Re Careful With A Heartbreak
You Could Cover Up
And Replace.

You Can Say You Don'T Care At All,
But I Know Better.
It'S Your Eyes That Betray You.
As You Stand And Face The Squall,
Don'T Be Afraid.
I Won'T Let You Die Alone.

I Can'T Seem To Stop.
I'M Bouncing Back And Forth
And Everywhere Around You.
And I Can'T Seem To Get Up.
My Head'S So Cloudy.
The Wolves Are Coming And İt'S...


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