Akercocke / Nadja Şarkı Sözü

Cold Eyes, Full Of Steppes
And Wolves And Snow
Grey Eyes, Lifeless Sight
Poison Of God
Kether, Chokmah, Binah
The Nightmare Pulse Exposed
My Ego Dissipating
The Great Abyss Absolves
My Sybaritic Mind
"I Feel The Unclean Adoring Me!"
I Sense The Collapse Of Reason Within Me
Nothingness, Emptiness
Unbecoming, Un-Being
The Disunion Of The Reflection
Manifest Mephistopheles
Shadow Face İn The İmage Of God
In The Body Of Christ
Midnight Angelus
"Who İs The Damned?
Who İs The Saved?"
Depart Thou Cursed Faceless One
Dark Allure, Different Voices
But The Same Song
The Succubae Sing For Me
Kether, Chokmah, Binah

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