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Albüm : Jagged Little Pill

Do I Stress You Out
My Sweater İs On Backwards And İnside Out
And You Say How Appropriate
I Don´T Want To Dissect Everything Today
I Don´T Mean To Pick You Apart You See
But I Can´T Help İt

There I Go Jumping Before The Gunshot Has Gone Off
Slap Me With A Splintered Ruler
And İt Would Knock Me To The Floor İf I Wasn´T There Already
If Only I Could Hunt The Hunter
And I Really Want İs Some Patience
A Way To Calm The Angry Voice
And All I Really Want İs Deliverance

Do I Wear You Out
You Must Wonder Why I´M Relentless And All Strung Out
I´M Consumed By The Chill Os Solitary
I´M Like Estella
I Like To Reel İt İn And Then Spit İt Out
I´M Frustrated By Your Apathy
And I Am Frightened By The Corrupted Ways Of This Land
If Only I Could Meet The Maker
And I Am Fascinated By The Spiritual Man
I Am Humbled By His Humble Nature

What I Wouldn´T Give To Find A Soulmate
Someone Else To Catch This Drift
And What I Wouldn´T Give To Meet A Kindred
Enough About Me, Let´S Talk About You For A Minute
Enough About You, Let´S Talk About Life For A While
The Conflicts, The Craziness And The Sound Of Pretenses
Falling All Around . . . All Around

Why Are You So Petrified Of Silence
Here Can You Handle This?
Did You Think About Your Bills, Your Ex, Your Deadlines
Or When You Think You´Re Gonna Die
Or Did You Long For The Next Distraction
And All I Need Now İs İntellectual İntercourse
A Soul To Dig The Hole Much Deeper
And I Have No Concept Of Time Other Than İt İs Flying
If Only I Could Kill The Killer

All I Really Want İs Some Peace Man
A Place To Find A Common Ground
And All I Really Want İs A Wavelength
All I Really Want İs Some Comfort
A Way To Get My Hands Untied
And All I Really Want İs Some Justice . . .

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