Amaran / Daffodil Şarkı Sözü

See Her Looking Down At Us
She'S So Much Higher I Cannot Reach
Her Beauty Dazzles Me With İts Power
I Try To Pull At Something Deeper İnside
But My Hands Reach Out İnto Cold Emptiness

I'M Falling Down, World Depraved, World So Strange
I'M Falling Down İnto A World So Strange

She Smells Of Daffodils
Beneath The Surface A Rotten Stench
It Spreads Out All Over Her Being
Beneath That İvory Skin A Thousand Worms
Are Feasting On All That İs Dead

The World Outside Seems So Strange, I'M Safe Here
On My Own I Can Face My Fear

This Body'S Bruised İn Many Ways
Cause Your Eyes Burnt Holes İn İts Structure
I Want To Break Free From This Prison
I Want To Change These Conditions, Tear Off The Label
That You Stitched So Tightly To My Skin

I'M A Person
Why Won'T You Let Me Be A Person
That'S All That I Am

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