Amy Winehouse / I Heard Love Is Blind Şarkı Sözü

I Couldn'T Resist Him
His Eyes Were Like Yours
His Hair Was Exactly The Shade Of Brown
He'S Just Not As Tall, But I Couldn'T Tell
It Was Dark And I Was Lying Down

You Are Everything - He Means Nothing To Me
I Can'T Even Remember His Name
Why'Re You So Upset?
Baby, You Weren'T There And I Was Thinking Of You When I Came

What Do You Expect?
You Left Me Here Alone; I Drank So Much And Needed To Touch
Don'T Overreact - I Pretended He Was You
You Wouldn'T Want Me To Be Lonely

How Can I Put İt So You Understand?
I Didn'T Let Him Hold My Hand
But He Looked Like You; I Guess He Looked Like You
No He Wasn'T You
But You Can Still Trust Me, This Ain'T İnfidelity
It'S Not Cheating; You Were On My Mind

Yes He Looked Like You
But I Heard Love İs Blind...

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