Anastacia / Paid My Dues Şarkı Sözü

Ou Can Say What You Want About Me
Wanna Do What You Want To Me
But You Can Not Stop Me
I'Ve Been Knocked Down
It'S A Crazy Town
Even Got A Punch İn The Face İn La
Ain'T Nothing İn The World That You Keep
Me From Doing What I Wanna Do
'Cause I'M Too Proud, I'M Too Strong
Life By The Code That You Gotta Move On
Feel Excited For Yourself
And Got Nobody No Way
So I...
(Held My Head High)
Knew I (Knew I Survive)
Well I Made İt (I Made İt)
I Don'T Hate İt (Don'T Hate İt)
That'S Just The Way İt Goes
I Done Made İt Through
Stand On My Own Two
I Paid My Dues, Yeah
Tried To Hold Me Down
You Can'T Stop Me Now
I Paid My Dues
So Straight Back On
You Cannot Stop Me
I Paid My Dues
Now I'M Still Trusted Every Day
People Try To Mess With Anastacia
Gotta Nothing İn Common
Cause I Handle Mine
And I Thought I Better Let You Know
I'M No Punk I Can'T Get Down
I Don'T Give A Damn About Abuse Around
That Was Just Fine 'Til Now
So I...
(Held My Head High)
Knew I (Knew I Survive)

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