B2 / Dog Şarkı Sözü

Woof! [5 Times]

Platium Status
Bringing You The Heat

You Were Playing Games On Me
I'M Your New Enemy
Now You Will Never Be
Your A Dooggggg.
Why You Go And Do That.
No İt Didn'T Work.

You Were Playing Game On Me.
Your A Doggggggg.

[Verse 1:]
You Thought I Was İn The Dark.(No No Never Me)
Baby Boy From The Start (You Was Trippin)
I Was Askin Questions To See İf You Was Creepin, (For No Reason) At All
I Am Acusing You Of Cheatin' No Matter What You Sayin So İrratin' So Baby Stop Playin'.

Tryna Run Your Game On Me
Your'Re A Dog
Thinking You Can Cheat On Me
You'Re A Dog
Boy You Know You Lost My Trust
You'Re A Dog
And I Know It'S Obvious


You Were Playing Games On Me
I'M Your New Enemy

[Verse 2:]
I Heard You Say You Were Gonna Push Up On Her
I Played Along Boy You Think I'M Stupid
I'M On Point No I Don'T Miss A Damn Thang
Fed Up But Jhene Ain'T Fallin
Play I Don'T Know But She İs My Dog Yeah
I Got My Friend On You Tellin Her To Call
You Got Caught Now I Know That Your'Re A Doggggg!

[Repeat Chorus 2 Times]

[Lil' Fizz Rap:]
I'M A D-O-G From The T-U-G
It'S Hard Tryna Be The F-I Double Z
I'M The Jay-Z Of My Generation
So Sick I'M Every Hospital'S #1 Patient.
Girls Be Killin Me
With They Fantasies
When All I Really Wanted Was The G-T-Ds.
Two Minutes Of Conversation And You Outta Control.
I'M A D-O-G Ain'T No Change İn Me

You Think I Didn'T Know You
How You Played Me For A Fool

Barking At The Wrong Tree
Now You Turn İnto My Enemy

I Planned İt All Like
I Tried To Test

[Repeat Chorus 2 Times]

Platinum Status, 2002
Bringin' You Heat.

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