Bessie Smith / I Ain't Got Nobody Şarkı Sözü

(Graham &Amp; Clarence Williams &Amp; Spencer Williams)

There'S A Saying Going 'Round And I Begin To Think İt'S True
It'S Awful Hard To Love Someone, When They Don'T Care 'Bout You
Once I Had A Lovin' Man, As Good As Many İn This Town
But Now I'M Sad And Lonely, For He'S Gone And Turned Me Down, Now
I Ain'T Got Nobody And Nobody Cares For Me

I Got The Blues, The Weary Blues
And I'M Sad And Lonely, Won'T Somebody Come And Take A Chance With Me?
I'Ll Sing Sweet Love Songs Honey, All The Time
If You'Ll Come And Be My Sweet Baby Mine
'Cause I Ain'T Got Nobody, And Nobody Cares For Me

Won'T Somebody Go And Find My Man And Bring Him Back To Me
It'S Awful Hard To Be Alone And Without Sympathy
Once I Was A Loving Gal, As Good As Any İn This Town
But Since My Daddy Left Me, I'M A Gal With Her Heart Bowed Down

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