Black Omen / Damned Renaissance Şarkı Sözü

''Close Thy Eyes And İmagine The Earth Ruled By Nothingness'

Lost İn The Never-Ending Sea Of Meaninglessness Was Humanity
Decay Of Earth Became Their Masterpiece
They Surmise Winning Victories From Their Wars
Their Souls Vanish Burning İn The Sands Of Time!!!

'They Are Too Weak To Consider The Existence Of A Thing They Cannot Get'

Like The Plague, Damnation Of Humanity Surrounds Everywhere
This İs The Damned Renaissance!
They Kill Their Loves That They Can Never Get Again

With Their Remaining Hatred, They Are Nurturing By İncreasing Their Passion
In Search Of Truth, They Lose Their Minds
Inescapable End: Decay
Inescapable End: Decay

Listen To The Screams Coming From The Eternal Silence;
Grudgeful Shouts Of Lost Souls
Look At The World Enlightened By The Dead Light
It'S Decaying Due To The Children Of Holy Wars!!!

''I Opened My Eyes And Everything Was Completely Dark''

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