Bob Dylan / I Am A Lonesome Hobo Şarkı Sözü

I Am A Lonesome Hobo
Without Family Or Friends
Where Another Man'S Life Might Begin
That'S Exactly Where Mine Ends
I Have Tried My Hand At Bribery
Blackmail And Deceit
And I'Ve Served Time For Ev'Rything
'Cept Begging On The Street.

Well, Once I Was Rather Prosperous
There Was Nothing I Did Lack
I Had Fourteen-Karat Gold İn My Mouth
And Silk Upon My Back
But I Did Not Trust My Brother
I Carried Him To Blame
Which Led Me To My Fatal Doom
To Wander Off İn Shame.

Kind Ladies And Kind Gentlemen
Soon I Will Be Gone
But Let Me Just Warn You All
Before I Do Pass On:
Stay Free From Petty Jealousies
Live By No Man'S Code
And Hold Your Judgement For Yourself
Lest You Wind Up On His Road.

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