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I Got A Notion We Come From The Ocean And
God Almighty Passed His Hands On The Water
Pure Pacific, As Azure As The Sky
Perfect For Fish, Making A Wish,
Just Like A Teardrop To Cry
Wave Passin' Me By
Wondering Why?

Live Let Live Not Die

I Am A Diver A Long Line Survivor And
Man, Small Whales Are
Body Cavity Zero
Play The Hero
Don'T Mean Nothin', You See

Men Passin' By
Caught İn The Eye
Wonderin' Wherefore And Why?
God, Help Me For Way
Babies Who Cry

Live Let Live Not Die

My Heart Beats So Fast
Our Hearts Meet At Last
Feature Creatures Of God
Let Them Abound (Bound)
Where They Are Found (Found)
Let'S Get The Hell Outta Here.

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