Cadaverous Condition / Tryst Şarkı Sözü

Today I Feel Great, Finally I'Ve Found İt
We Get Drunk On Martini At The Peach Pit
And Tomorrow We Crush The Pigeons On The Place
Your Spirit Smiles Away My Melancholy Face

Every Morning I Will Say:
"I Love You Till My Heart Dies"
And "Most Beautiful
Are Your Eyes"

Today I Feel So Great İn All I Do
A Time Supreme, Runes I Read İn The Yew
We Lie İn The Grass İnterpreting The Clouds
We İndulge İn Misanthropy, Laugh Away The Doubts

Every Morning I Will Say...

But Hoping İs Futile
And Wishing İn Vain
To You All The Best
Ps: "All The Stars Are Dead Now"

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