Caedmon's Call / Table For Two Şarkı Sözü

Danny And I Spent Another Late Night Over Pancakes,
Talkin' 'Bout Soccer
And How Every Man'S Just The Same
We Made Speculation
On The Who'S And The When'S Of Our Futures
And How Everyone'S Lonely
But Still We Just Couldn'T Complain

And How We Just Hate Being Alone
Could I Have Missed My Only Chance
And Now I'M Just Wasting My Time
By Looking Around
But You Know I Know Better
I'M Not Gonna Worry 'Bout Nothing
Cause İf The Birds And The Flowers Survive
Then I'Ll Make İt Okay
I'M Given A Chance And A Rock
See Which One Breaks A Window
See Which One Keeps Me Up All Night And İnto The Day

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