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Albüm : I Paralyze

I Know You'Re A Gamester
I'M The Queen Of Spades
A Ruler Of Hearts
I Shoot The Moon (Clash At The Moon)
I Take My Trips Right From The Start
I'M A Sucker For Love
Joker Running Wild
My Heart İt Can Break
Ooh İt Can Break
Frail As A Child

Whatever İt İs, İt İs
Whatever Will Be, İt'S Gonna Be
Whoever You Are, You Are
But Those Games That You Play
Don'T Cha Play'Em With Me

You'Re A Visionary Dreamer
A Fool, Leaving All Things To Chance (Fool İn A State, Takes Of Chance)
Love İs A Hazard, Ooh Such A Hazard
When You Flirt With Romance
It'S Like Shootin' The Dice
Flip A Coin İn The Air
You Running On Luck
Odds Are Against You
You'Re Not Playing Fair


Stacking A Deck, Dealing The Cards
Watch What You Take
Standing On Love

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