Chuck Berry / Nadine Şarkı Sözü

As I Got On A City Bus And Found A Vacant Seat,
I Thought I Saw My Future Bride Walkin' Up The Street,
I Shouted To The Driver "Hey Conductor, You Must Slow Down.
I Think I See Her Please Let Me Off This Bus"

Nadine, Honey İs That You?
Oh, Nadine. Honey, İs That You?
Seems Like Every Time I See You Darling You Got Something Else To Do.
(Alternate Verse: Seems Like Every Time I Catch Up With You, You'Re Up To
Something New)

I Saw Her From The Corner When She Turned And Doubled Back
Started Walkin' Toward A Coffee Colored Cadillac
I Was Pushin'Through The Crowd To Get To Where She'S At
I Was Campaignin', Shouting Like A Southern Diplomat.

Downtown Searching For Her, Looking All Around,
Saw Her Getting İn A Yellow Cab Heading Up Town.
I Caught A Loaded Taxi, Paid Up Everybodys' Tab.
Flipped A Twenty-Dollar Bill, Told Him "Catch That Yellow Cab."

She Moves Around Like A Wayward Summer Breeze,
Go, Driver, Go, Go, Catch Her For Me, Please.
Moving Through The Traffic Like A Mounted Cavalier
Leaning Out The Taxi Window Trying To Make Her Hear.

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