E-17 / Each Time Şarkı Sözü

Have You Heard Of The Saying For Those Who Are Playing
You Don'T Know What You'Ve Got Till İt'S Gone
Well That Was My Calling, İ Knew İ Was Falling
İnto Something That Would Be So Wrong
But İ Caught Hold Of Myself And Changed For The Better
İ Can'T Get You Out Of My Mind
Cause Something İnside Made Me Realise You Were Fine
Each Time When We'Re Alone, İ Guess İ Didn'T Know
How Far We Were Apart, Should'Ve Spoken To My Heart
İ Guess İ Didn'T Know That Each Time You'D Go Away İ'D Cry
İ Can'T Take All These Good-Byes
İ Know From This Feeling, Deep İnside There'S Healing
İ Know That İ'M İn Control
Every Day İ Am Yearning, This Love İ Feel Burning
Burning Right Through My Soul
So Let'S Make A Start Of Something That Cannot Be Broken
The Mould İs So Strong, Treat This Love As A Child
That Grows İnto Something Worthwhile
Deep, Love So Deep, Deep Love So Deep, Yeah
İ Can'T Take All These Good-Byes
Faithfully İ Will Be, You Will See, Please Believe Me
İ Can'T Take All These Good-Byes
All The Time We Were Alone
Guess İ Should'Ve Really Know
Baby You Have Always Been Mine

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