E-40 / Dodgin' Şarkı Sözü

My Scrilla' My Paper My Scratch, My Scrilla' My Paper My Scratch
My Hookas My Bitches, My Batch, My Hookas My Bitches, My Batch
My Peppa, My Pistols, My Straps, My Peppa My Pistols My Straps
My Oozies, My Choppas My Gats, My Oozies My Choppas My Gats

The Wires The Taps The Traps
Po-Po Got Me Twisted How Can Us Hustlas Maintain And Relax
When These Killas Out Here Snitchin' Bendin' Conas Fa Covajust Remember Tell My Motha' I Love Her, I Love Her
On Top Of That The İ The R The S
Police Station Lookin' Fo' Me Got A Warrant Out Fo' My Arrest
Fo' Tax Evasion, Fake İdentification
Up Under Alias Number Skipped Bail
Now I'M Hidin' From The Bounty Hunter Man I Ain'T Neva' Went To Jail
An' Told Some Stuff
Vallejo Didn'T Raise No Powder Puff
When I See 'Em I'M Blastin' I'M Dumpin' Make Believers
Make Somebody Gon' Mind Somethin' Newspaper Readers
Can You Do Me A Favor An' Ask Yo' Neighbor
Did He Blast First An' Ask Questions Later

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