E-40 / Earl That's Yo' Life Şarkı Sözü

[Too $Hort]
Earl.. Whassup Mayne?
It'S Yo' Potnah Short Dawg
You Know We Come A Long Way Baby
+From The Ground Up+
Oh They Love The Way Us Players Ball
No Doubt, That'S How We Do This
It'S All About You Mayne
It'S Yo' Life, Let 'Em Know Somethin

I Come From Where They Pop They Collars
And Couldn'T Be Saved By Creflo Dollar
Cause I'Ll Probably Never Ever See The Pearly Gates
At The Rate I'M Goin Now, İt'Ll Be Too Late
Take Life Taste İt, Get On And Smell İt
You Know What Charlie İs? Well İt'S Sucker Repellant
I Spray Myself With İt Every Morning, You Dig?
I Spray Myself Right Before I Leave The Crib
Hot Ones Echo Through The Ghetto, Bullets Ricochet
I'M Bendin Corners İn My Cadillac Escalade
It'S Summertime And I'M Scorchin, Fuck A Bulletproof
I'M Hella Keyed And I'M Perkin Off That Num-Num Juice

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