E-40 / Lace Me Up Şarkı Sözü

Uhh, Yeah, Uhh! (Uhh, Yeah, Yeah)
(Click Click, Click Click Click) Yeah, Click Shit
Homeboy (Homeboy) Suga (Homeboy)

Chorus: E-40, Suga T (Repeat 4x)

[E] Want Me To Tie Yo' Shoes? [S] Yeah (Yeahhh)
[E] Want Me To Lace You? [S] Lace Me (Lace Me Up!)

[E] Suga, I'M A Man And Believe Me, Most Men İs Faulty
They Only Out For One Thang And That'S To Get Between Them Drawers
[S] Now Dere You Go With That Dry Drama Captain
I Know You Mobbin, But Why You Tryin To Stop My Action?
[E] Tear That Off! You Better Get Somewhere With That, You Trippin
[S] You Know How Long We Been Long Range Pimpin
[E] I'M Sayin, Have A Little Class
[S] I'M 'Posed To Break His Ass Right, Right?
[E] Den Give Up The Ass!
[S] Okay, Let'S Go Hit The Pot
Watch 'Em Serve A Knot And Get Two Hundred Off That Cot
[E] That'S Trill; Crack Him For His Change
Get Off İn His Narrow Mind, Exercise Yo' Game
[S] Like That? (Homeboy) So Quick
They Call Me Suga Break-A-Trick
[E] You Mean Like Sherrie Stack-A-Grip?
[S] Yeah; Ain'T Nuttin To İt
Us Females Ball Too - Somebody Gotta Do İt!


[E] I Got, Three Switchin Beotches, Christine Irene And Dorene
Cleanin And Clurvin, Listerine And Chlorine
[S] I Got, Trick Willies, Kickin Me Down Allowance
Buyin Me Clothes, That They Can'T Even Pronounce
[E] I Got, Game - Off The Backboard
[S] I Got, Materialistic Shit Most Females Can'T Afford
[E] How Bout - Fame, Money, Cars
And (They Love The Way Us "Rappers Ball")
[S] But Let Me Put You Up On These Schemes Females Practice
Screw You Real Good And Steal The Money Underneath The Mattress
You Got To Be An Actress, İt'S Conniving And Cunning
We Fake Orgasms, And Make 'Em Think We Cuming
[E] Okay; Dem Some

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