Family Force 5 / Numb Şarkı Sözü

(Hey, You Know.....Cardboard İs, Uh, One Of The Coolest Things Ever
Made By Paper! Dance On Cardboard)

Oh No They Broke Out The Cardboard
Looks Like I'M Headed To The Dance Floor

To Break İt Down For 'Em Once Again
Guess What, Chicken Butt, Hey, I Can Do A Head-Spin
I Don'T Care What Jam İs On
Cause İ Ain'T Going Home Until The Break Of Dawn
Find Myself İn Tune With The Groove
I Can'T Stop, Uh, I Gotta Move

[Chorus X2]

Play Me Song
Make İt Nice And Long
Pump İt Through The Speakers So I Can Hear
The Beat Of The Drum
Rockin All Night Long
Make You Wanna Dance Till Ur Feet Go Numb [X2]

Yeaahhhhh!! Ur Feet Go Numb
Dance To The Beat Till Ur Feet Go Numb, Baby
Yeaahhhhh!! Ur Feet Go Numb

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