Field Mob / Da' Durty Şarkı Sözü

We Filthy Boy, We Nasty Boy, We Dirty
You Beef With Me, You Be Deceased, You Heard Me?
Cottin' Pickers, And Rottin' Niggas, We Takin' Over
We Field Boys, We Soldiers, Representin' Georgia

[Hook X2]
It'S Da Dirty (Ha), Da Dirty (What), Dirty
Da Dirty, Boy İt'S Real İn The Field
It'S Da Dirty (Ha), Da Dirty (What), Dirty (Heard Me?)
The Filthy, Nasty, Dirty, South!

It'S Boondox Like That Low-Down, Nasty, Filthy Fella From The Field
Dedicated To Southern Housin' And Better Make A Meal
The Southern Way, No Other Way, There'S No Better Way To Live
Like Sugar Ass Hoes That Squeal, White King Easy But Real
Southern Crunk But Your Station The Bunk, While The Bass İn The Trunk,
While You Blazin' The Gun, And Too Dirty Ain'T No Wastin' His Bong
Representin' The Place Where You From, The Gritty, Bidding Player
Suberbans On Twenties Player, Swing At A Grinning Player

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