Five For Fighting / 10 Miles From Nowhere Şarkı Sözü

How Have You Been
İn The Shape You Were İn
I'M Suprised That You Got Where You'Re Going

Who Would Believe
What A Date You Would Be
If I Knew I'D Have Thought About Knowing

And İn Between Now And The Last Time We Met
I'D Open The Door İf I Met You Again
And I Swear That We'D Be Better&Amp;Fair Ever Friends
From Here Until 10 Miles From Nowhere

What İs That There
In Your Brown Paper Box
I Can See That You Kept All The Memories We'D Lost

I'D Sworn İt Was You
Who Was Destined And Gone
To The Pressure Of Past Undertakings

Had I Had Known That İt Might Have Been Me
I Might Have Returned A Letter Or Three
Or Gave You A Call From The Sanctuary

For The Cracks İn These Walls Tell Time For A Fee

From Here Until 10...
From Now Until 10...Miles From Nowhere

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