Flatt And Scruggs / East Bound Train Şarkı Sözü

The East Bound Train Was Crowded One Cold December Day
The Conductor Shouted, "Tickets" İn His Old- Time Fashioned Way
A Little Girl, İn Sadness , Her Hair As Bright As Gold
She Said≪ " I Have No Ticket" And Then Her Story Told

"My Father He'S İn Prison He'S Lost His Sight They Say
I'M Going To Beg His Pardon This Cold December Day
[ Ac.Guitar ]

My Mother'S Daily Sewing To Try To Earn Our Bread
My Poor Dear Old Blind Father İn Prison Almost Dead
My Brother And My Sister Would Both Be Mighty Glad,
If I Could Only Bring Back My Poor, Dear , Old Blind Dad"

The Conductor Could Not Answer He Could Not Make A Reply
While Looking At This Little One He Brushed A Teardrop From His Eye
"Do Not Fear My Little One Just Stay Right Where You Are
You'Ll Never Need A Ticket While I Am On This Car"

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