Fleshless / Nice To Eat You Şarkı Sözü

It Was Sudden As A Flash
As We Looked Eye To Eye
In That Moment Time Had No Role
The Lust İn Your Sight I Felt
...Lust For Corporal Touches
Violence And Tender Of Sexual Love
No Style Was Strange For You
But I Am Not So Fucking Sure
We Want The Same Thing To Do
...As We Scrutinize Each Other
I Wipe My Saliva-Streams
From My Hungry Mouth İn Clandestine
As You Turn Your Face Away From Me
But Our Love Glowing Up
...Will Take Different Way
Nice To Meet You, Nice To Kiss You
Nice To Lick You, Nice To Fuck You
Strangled You'Ve A Surprise İn Your Eyes
It Doesn'T Matter We Fall İn Love
Love İs So Close To Epicureanism
And My Passions Are The Proof

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