Flogging Molly / Paddy's Lament Şarkı Sözü

Wipe The Blood From Your Lip
With The Flesh Of Your Hand
Theres No Thorn İn The Side Left To Grow
So Lets Cherrish The Names That We Lost For An Age
With The Rue Now The Supper Must Go
Where Traditions They Blend Lives A Home On The Mend
The Grass Glistens Now For Alls Eyes
So Lets Sever The Shame We Have Come To Reclaim
With The Waters Retreat Feel The Shore For Us
Woth The Red Rose Pales Lay A Thousand Graves Many More
Where The Ghost Still Haunt For The Day We Come To The Fore

Don'T Look Back
For Whats Dead Now İs Safe
The Exiled, A Home Where The Soul Kept Safe
Take Me Back On The Crest Of A Wave
No More Tears For You Paddy'S Lament
No More Tears
No More Paddy'S

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