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Hand-Fed Triumph, Spoils.
Battles Which You Cant Recall Fighting İn.
This Fancies Your Fit.
You'Ve Settled Down For A Long Winter'S Nap;
Simply Grown Tired Of Cheap Thrills, But İt'S Been Years Upon Years Of Craving Simplicities.
Oh, The Knavery &Amp; Depravity!
Sentences Become Paragraphs Become Novels On Cold Fronts, Warm Backs.
And This Town Needs An Enema.
I'Ll Pass The Time With A Rhythm And A Rhyme.
That Rhyme Needs A Good Once Over, But I'M No Joker.
I'Ve Seen People Explode.
You Can'T Kill What'S Already Dead.
Subconscious White Noise Mauls Prose.
Odd, Superflous Sounds.
This İs A Physical Challenge, Well-Beyond A Double Dare.
Commit To A Legacy.
On With All The Fireworks And The Parades.
God-Willing A Momentum Of Silence.

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