Forbidden / Face Down Heroes Şarkı Sözü

Faces Of Life Facing Their Death
Cyanide Thrills Pulling Em Back
Snake İn The Grass, Face İn The Clouds
Facing The Wind, A Face İn The Crowd

Throughout Your Frustration
Go Along With All The Fucking Lies
Can'T Help Your Situation - Why?!

Doing İt Up, You Never Come Down
Digging The Hole, You'Re Dead İn The Ground
Facing Your Front While Flat On Your Back
Laughing İt Up Now Cover The Tracks

Scratch Off The Crustation
Never Kills Any Pain That You Hide
Might Help Your Situation
But You Don'T Even Care About İt

Can'T Live Without, Don'T Want To Think About İt
You Can'T Live Without, You Don'T' Care About Shit

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