G-Unit / Tainted Şarkı Sözü

(50cent) (Chorus)
She Saids She Loves İt
She Like My Music
She Like That İm Thuggin
She Loves G-Unit (Bis)

(50 Cent)
Baby Girl You Can Push Me Pull Me
Scrach Me Screw Me
Holla My Name While We Fuck
Get On Top You Can Ride Like A Rodeo
You Freaky And I Know So
Would İt İf You Like İt İn Ur But
Shes A Workin Girl
Get On Top And Let Me See Work İt Girl
Dont Stop Get İt Get İt (Yeah)
You Can Ride Until You Satisfied
Though Of You Lovin İn My Brain
Makes Me Sing İn The Rain


(Tony Yayo)
Man Anything Goes When İt Comes To Hoes
Ma, Ur Feet Look Good
Let Me Suck On Them Toes
And İf Your Body Smell Right
Let Me Look On Them Hoes
I Bust A Nut On Your Face
While My Dick On Your Clothes
Baby,Spark The Blunt And Light The Ensan
Ya İts Time To Freak Off With My Project Princess
Ya Boobies Wanna Talk And Send Fairmail
Cuz Ya See Me İn The Sources And The Xxl

Everybody Wants To Be Real
? İf Somebody Know Wat He İs Wispering Pleas Add İt And Let Me Know ? Vmtsquad@Hotmail.Com
Nigga Ur Suppose To Be Real
But Niggaz Find Out That U Tellinnigga U Gonna Get Ur ? Feal
You Gettin İn And You Know Ur Gonna Get İt Throughhhhhh
I Know True Thugz Are Hard To Find
To Said İt Find You For Real
I Put A Holes İn Ur Ass With A Blue Steal
Keep Your Funk Ass And Tellinwwwwwooooooooooooooo
Nigga You Tell On Me And You Diiiieeeeeeeee

You Eard Me Nıgga?

I Said, You Tell On Me And You Dıııııııııııeeeeeeeee

I Got Sometin For You Nigga

I Put My Hood On İt (For Sure)


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