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Albüm : If At First You Don't Succeed...

Your Chart Shows, Truth You Soundly Deny
The Stars Hold, Your Life'S Blueprints
You Smirk And Pass Them By
You Just Pass Them By
(You'Re A) Velvet Hand İnside An İron Glove
Alone There, Praising The Very Thoughts You'Re
Thinking Of

Your Veil Of Charm İs Pulled Back
For All Within Sight
To Gaze Upon İn Surprise
I'M Staring With Delight!

You Cannot Change Your Fate! No!
Selfish Anger On Your Face
Oh Stop İt, You'Re Breaking My Heart!
You Love The Fine Art Of Disgrace
But Not When İt'S Cast İn Your Part!
You Should Have Listened Up, And Seen Your Faults
Narcissism Gets You Nowhere At All!
Nowhere At All!

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