Harem Scarem / Had Enough Şarkı Sözü

Love'S A Long And Twisted Road
And I Know I'Ve Walked İt Before
It Takes Me Nowhere
Almost Every Time
And Leaves Me Wondering
When Will I Find
A True Love İn Perfect Harmony
When Will I Learn
That I'Ve Got To Believe
On My Own Now
I'Ve Come To Learn
The Times Of Heartache
≫From Bridges Burned
Now There'S Still One Thing
I Want To Know
Will I Find Peace Of Mind
If I'M Alone
And On İt Goes
I'M Going Around And Around
God Only Knows
If I'M Ever Coming Down
When I'Ve Had Enough
The World Kicks Me Around
One More Time I'Ve Had Enough
When I'Ve Had Enough
I'Ll Let Out All The Feelings
I Can'T Hide
I'Ve Had Enough For Awhile

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