Harem Scarem / Tables Turning Şarkı Sözü

I Didn'T Know I'D Be Worse Off İn The End
Then I Ever Thought I Could Be Before
I Can'T Do Without What I Thought I Couldn'T Live With
I Didn'T Realize İt Till You Were Gone
Now You Can'T Find A Reason
Not To Throw İt All Away
I'M Pleading All The Words That
I Thought I'D Never Say
Love Me
Now The Tables Finally Turning
On Me And My Little World
Love Me
And The Weight Your Tired Of Holding
Won'T Be Heavy Anymore
I Can'T Let İt Go I Prefer My Heart Pretending
I Wanna Believe Time Could Change İt All
But Gone With The Leaves Like A Ghost Of All The Seasons Past
How Could Our Endless Fire Feel So Cold
I Don'T Care Why Your Leaving
The Words Mean All The Same
You Left Me To Lie Bleeding
And Turned Your Back Away

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