Hayley Westenra / Abide With Me Şarkı Sözü

Abide With Me; Fast Falls The Eventide;
The Darkness Deepens; Lord With Me Abide.
When Other Helpers Fail And Comforts Flee,
Help Of The Helpless, O Abide With Me.

Swift To İts Close Ebbs Out Life'S Little Day;
Earth'S Joys Grow Dim; İts Glories Pass Away;
Change And Decay İn All Around I See;
O Thou Who Changest Not, Abide With Me.

Hold Thou Thy Cross Before My Closing Eyes;
Shine Through The Gloom And Point Me To The Skies.
Heaven'S Morning Breaks, And Earth'S Vain Shadows Flee;
In Life, İn Death, O Lord, Abide With Me.

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