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Who Did The Daddy Thing
When A Father Was'Nt There
Who Did The Daddy Thing

Verse 1:
Now Usually
If There'S A Car Seat
Up İn The Back Seat
Or A Tiny Shoe Swinging From The Rear View Mirror
A Ring On Her Hand
I Could Never Be Her Man
But We Got So Close
Blew All My Dough İn The Baby Gap School Clothes
Pretty Little Angel İn Berets And Bows
And A Button Nose
After A While Started Calling Me Daddy

I Should'Ve Known That İt Could'Nt Last
Should'Ve Known That You'D Take Him Right Back
I Should'Ve Took Off Running
When I First Saw Her Coming
Would Have Never Gotten So Attached

When Her Father Wasn'T There To Participate
He Got Hit With A Bid Upstate
When She Needed Diapers,Wipes,Food,And Baby Shoes
Won'T You Tell Me
Who Did The Daddy Thing?
I Gave Her Everything
Who Did The Daddy Thing?
Nobody Nobody But Me

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