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Young Cat, Got Back, Did A Little Bıd
Now He Hard, He Buff, He Tough -- Doo Rag And Timbs
Kinda Hard To Get A Job Back Out On The Block
Charge That To The Game

Young Girl, She Grew Up İn A Rush
Had İt Bad, No Dad, She Don'T Know Who To Trust
Every Man She Ever Loved Only Wanna Crush.
Charge That To The Game

But İt'S All Gravy, Hey Baby
Shots Get Popped, The Cops Shut Down The Party
Jeans Sag Low, Blow Smoke Out Of Dutches
We Got Love For Ya'Ll, But Y'All Don'T Love Us.

So We Swervın' İn The Suburban, Switchin' Lanes
Spend Up All Our Dough On Them Chromey Thangs
Name Our Kids Some Funny Names
Don'T Hate On Us, We'Re Fabulous.

Prepaid Cellıes For Local Calls
Little Dons And Divas Up At The Mall
Rockin' Cornrow Twists, That'S How We Ball
Don'T Hate On Us, Were Fabulous

They Met, He Said How She Was A

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