Jaheim / I Ain't Never Şarkı Sözü

Mmmm Get Thorough İt Hmmmhmmmmm
I Don' Sit Out On The Block 12 Oclock Still Bitchin',
I Don' Broked Up Bricks
Wit Baken Soda İn The Kitchen
I Don' Lose My Religon
And Spend Nights Wishin'
I Could Fill Up The Holes İn My Sole Theres Something Missin'
I Don' Sat Back And Laughed And Let The Beef Unfold Done Scolls On
Triggers Rob Niggers An Stole Em'
5 Years Paraol Kid I Been Locked Up
I Done Lost So Much My Heart İs Boxed Up


I Thought I'D Never See A Blue Sky, Never Seen The Birds Fly (Ohhhh Until
I Metcha' Sunshine)
Neva New The Otha Side I Never New What Love Was Like (What Love Was Like)
Neva Seen A Pot A Gold(Seen A Pot Of Gold), Baby Ur The Rainbow ( Baby Your The Rainbow
Take Me Where I Neva Been (Ohhhh Iiiii
I Thought The Day Would Neva End
But Now ,Oh But Now That
I Found My Girl
I Aint Neva Eva Eva Gon' A Let Her Go Noooo
And Now, Now Shes İnside Of My World I Ain'T Neva Eva Eva Gon Let Her Goo Nooo

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