Jakalope / Get It Back Şarkı Sözü

How Do I Open This Door
Keeping My Straight Face
Right To The Floor
You'Ve Gotten Old Just
Sitting İn My Pocket
And I'Ve Been Told İt'S
Not Worth The Hassle
That İt Takes To Fight
This Losing Battle
Hanging My Head İn Disgrace
I'M Better Off Walking Away

I Swear I'Ll Get İt Back
I Know That I Want That
I Know I'Ll Get You Back

All You Thought To Be
Has Gone To Waste
One To Many Prints
On Your Face
Just Give Me One More Run
Not About That Anymore
I'M Holding Onto What I'Ve Done
I'Ve Got To Let This Ride
If Luck İs On My Side
And What I Have To Lose
Is Barely A Lie

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