James Blunt / Rocky Racoon Şarkı Sözü

Rocky Racoon, He Was A Fool Unto Himself
For He Would Not Swallow, His Foolish Pride
Mind You, Coming From A Little Town İn Minnesota,
It İs Not The Kind Of Thing A Young Guy Did
When A Fellow Went And Stole His Chick Away From Him.

Now, Rocky Raccoon Checked İnto His Room
Only To Find Gideon'S Bible

Rocky Had Come Equipped With A Gun
To Shoot Off The Legs Of His Rival

His Rival İt Seems Had Broken His Dreams
By Stealing The Girl Of His Fancy.
Her Name Was Magil And She Called Herself Lil
But Everyone Knew Her As Nancy.

Now She And Her Man Who Called Himself Dan
Were İn The Next Room At The Hoe Down
And Rocky Burst İn And Grinning A Grin
He Said Danny Boy This İs A Showdown

But Daniel Was Hot, He Drew Fast And Shot
And Rocky Collapsed İn The Corner.

Da La La Dum Ba Dum Da Da

The Doctor Walked İn Stinking Of Gin
Proceeded To Lie On The Table
The Doctor Said "Rock, You Met Your Match, Son."
Rocky Said, No İt'S Only A Scratch
I'Ll Be Better, Doc, İ'Ll Be Better Soon.

Well Come On Rock, Come On Rock.

Rocky Raccoon Fell Back İn His Room
Only To Find Gideon'S Bible
Gideon Checked Out And He Left Him No Doubt
To Hell With Good Rocky'S Revival.

Da La La Dum Ba Dum Da Da

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