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How You Been, Boy You'Re Lookin' Good
Are You Still Livin' Down İn Birmingham
Funny How Things Didn'T Turn Out Like We Thought They Would
Now Here We Are Standin' Face-To-Face Again
Two Old Long Lost Friends
Laughin' 'Bout When We'D Sing

"Born İn The Usa"
And We'D Scream İt At The Top Of Our Lungs
Remember How You'D Always Say
You Were Gonna Change The World
And Yeah, I Would Always Be Your Girl
And We Dreamed About Runnin' Away
Just Takin' Off And Chasin' The Sun
Man, We Really Had İt Made
We Were Young, İn Love And Free
And So Naive, So Naive

Where'D İt Go, All That Crazy Confidence
You And Me, Not Afraid To Face A Thing
Wish We Could Go Back And Live Again The Hours Spent
In Your Car Cruisin' Like We Owned The Town
Yeah, We'D Turn That Song Up Loud
And We'D Drown Bruce Out Singin'

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