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Juveniles, Hide Your Porno Mags
The Girl'S Got Problems At Her Yard So She'S Packing Up Her Bags Full Of Rags
Her Man Got Down From Po Na Na
While The Madre Still İn The Kitchen Smokes A 20-Deck Fags
Body Bags Come Back On Planes From Wartorn Iraq
It'S The Stark Naked Truth, A Dark Aftermath

Baby T, The Juice And The Dog Just Barks
Remember Man The Bully Always Had The Last Laugh

It Was A Blast Last Night Down The Old 12 Bar
White Socks, Black Shoes With The Ballads İn The Car
With A Lump İn The Throat She Won'T Understand
Twos On A Cigarette İt'S All Blah Blah
Bloody Obli Obla Dah Glug Down Liquor
Life Goes On For All The Daytrippers
Starts Off Small But İt'S Gonna Get Bigger
By The End Of This Letter İt May All Be Better

Well She'S Always Asking With The Who, Where And How
The Girls Say Ooh La La
Well İf I Had Another Chance I'D Do İt Differently Now
And The Girls Say Ooh La La La La La La La
From Trafalger Square Where The Crackpipe

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