Jedi Mind Tricks / Nada Cambia Şarkı Sözü

I'M Like Mussolini, I Rule With A İron Fist
I Stab You İn The Bladder With A Dagger And Watch You Die İn Piss
Cut İnside Your Wrist, Drink The Blood, Money
And Your Face İs The Perfect Place For A Slug, Money

You Ain'T A Thug Money, You All Maggots
You Like To Chill And Hold Hands With Faggots
You Like To Conduct Yourself Like A Savage
You Like The Smell Of Males On Your Mattress
Cause That'S Established, I Fuckin Hate You
I Hate Your Mother And Father, Because They Made You
I Hate The Universe, Because İt Create You
I Hate Everyone And Anything That Embrace You
Who Fuckin Raised You? You A Fuckin Disgrace!
And İf You Come Around My Way You Get Bucked İn The Face
Get Snuffed İn The Face, Then I Wack You
With Razors, Knives, Guns And What Have You

[Vinnie Paz]
I'M Ayatollah Khomeini, I Love To Wage War
I Love Anybody Who Rhymes And Stay Raw
I Love Getting My Rhymes İn Chainstores
I Love Splitting You Mind With Chainsaws
My Thought-Process İs Down İn The Fuckin' Lochness
Knock A Motherfucker Unconscious!
Cause I Don'T Give A Fuck İf You A Man Or A Beast
I Handle My Beef, Tellin' Stoupe "Hand Me The Heat"
Hand Me The Piece And Let Me Buck With Their

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