Jim Reeves / Lonesome Waltz Şarkı Sözü

When A Record Starts To Spinnin' And Love Words Make A Song
I Think Of A Million Sweethearts But Only One I Could Own
Today Your Life İs Music And Famous They Say You'Ll Be
Darling Sometimes Write A Lonesome Waltz For Me
Put İn Some Pretty Love Words As Fresh As The Summer Rain
I'Ll Furnish Many Teardrops And Pretend You'Re Mine Again
And İf Some Day You'Ll Find You'Re Just A Used To Be
Please Come Back And Dance This Lonesome Waltz For Me

[ Piano ]
When A Story'S Told And Music For Millions To Hear İts Cry
There'S Always Someone Lonesome Who'Ll Hang Their Head And Cry
A Waltz'S So Soft And Touching A Love'S So Cold And Lost
Darling Please For Old Time Sake Let'S Dance The Lonesome Waltz

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