Jimmie Dale Gilmore / Mack the Knife Şarkı Sözü

Oh The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear
And He Shows Them Pearly White
Just A Jacknife Has Macheath, Dear
And He Keeps İt Out Of Sight.

When The Shark Bites Through His Victim
Scarlet Spreads Amongst The Green
But White Gloves Wears Our Macheath, Dear
And The Blood İs Never Seen.

Seven Children And Their Grandpa
In The Fire Near Old Soho
Who'S That Creeping Aound The Corner?
Doesn'T Speak And Doesn'T Know.

Solly Silverstein Has Vanished
Likewise Other Rich Young Men
And Macheath Has All Their Money
Try And Prove İt İf You Can.

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