Jimmie's Chicken Shack / Face It Şarkı Sözü

İ Don'T Know İf İ Can Get İt Right
İ Never Put Up A Fight
İ Have Hard Time Seeing What İs Wrong
Sure Doesn'T Take You Long
We Know There'S Something Better Here
Won'T Fall Victim To All Your Fears
And The Dreams They Keep On Coming
Knife To Your Throat Underwater Running

Face İt
The Sweetness That'S On Your Tongue
You Just Can'T Taste İt
We'Re Subject To Change
And Some Feelings Won'T Go Away
They Won'T Go Away

Could You Please Tell Me What İ Think İs Right
Why Even Put Up A Fight
İ Don'T Think There'S Anything That'S Wrong
Don'T Think You Think That Strong

Feeling Now So Much Pressure Here
Don'T Think You Would Want To Get Too Near
All The Dreams That You Gave Up Running
Knife İn My Back As You Turn

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