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What Do You Want, What Are You Looking For
What Do You See İf You Don'T Open Up The Door
Into Your Heart İs Where I Wanna Be
And Girl I'M Trying Hard To Find The Key
'Cause All I Really Wanna Do İs Make İt Easier

And I'M Not Afraid
Nothing You Can Say That'S Gonna Make Me Walk Away
No Matter What You Do I Promise You I'M Gonna Stay
You Need Someone Like Me To Make İt Easier

It'S Hard To Let Go Of Who You Might Of Been Before
But İf You Just Believe There Can Be So Much More
I'Ll Help Ya Find Who You Wanna Be
If You Would Only Put Your Trust İn Me
'Cause All I Want To Do İs Make İt Easier


It Don'T Matter What You'Ve Done Before 'Cause
I'M Only Gonna Love You More And
Nothing Else Really Matters Too Much To Me

You Need Someone Like Me...

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